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Sunday, June 15, 2008:R esoannce P robability.

Hmnm, doesn't makes sense does it? Well, it's not supposed to. HAHA.

Well, like you all can see, it's RP. Nope i don't hate it! Nor is this post about it, just some here and there when i remember school is starting in 6 hours time. Arghh.

Ok peeps, i'll post a few nice psots tomorrow in school, with lappy, haha. But today's work was really terrorizing(Sets the world into a state of fear for 5 hours, taking 3k dmg per minute. Failure to set eyes upon the monintor restarts the countdown.) Why, it's Father's Day!

WE ran out of rice(but MEMEMEEME managed to cooked it), kangkong, petai, ice, spring chicken and the mussles(ALMOST-2 left). And the mussels come in 10._.

Even the manager screamed ' OI WHY DON;T WE JSUT FUCKING STOP THE HAWKER STALL?! EVERYONE CONTEMPLATE US WHEN WE SAY WE RAN OUT OF THOSE! NABUAY~~~~'. In a really sexy hokkien tone i've never once heard.

Then hor, i feel that all the important thigs i gotta do can be descriped in a wrod. 'Procrastinate.'

Trust me, procrastinating is not soemthing you favour in your life. Only Connie can give me(instill) the importance of those in me. Thank god she's here. Haha.

Well, i don't know, but i hope life could get better, though it's not really bad now. Everyone does eh?

Last but NOT least, I do not have a dad myself so i would like to wish all daddys on earth Fu Qin Jie Kuai Le! Noble people yea? haha. Chun's dad, Dar's dad and Ivon's dad are really nice people, in thier own ways. Oh ya, Ivon's dad even invited me to thier father's day celebration, xiexie uncle!!!!! Haha. Alright la, see you peeps, buaiz buaiz =D

Engel-Lied; 12:09 PM

Saturday, June 14, 2008:GSS pawns~

Ok, whatever happens, be it the death of your mother, father, brother or whoever, there's something that you cannot miss, and i mean Cannot, with the capital 'C'. Allow me to present, the GSS. (:

I know i haven't been regular no my posting but that means im not posting anymore not! LOL.

So i went out witj IVON-NOVI-IVON-NOVI to CWP to see what's hot.

Well, nothing special here of course, so i bought a black shirt and a white berm(YES A BERM) and i was stunned by how suave i can actually be.(?huh) =P

Well, and now we ended up in LAN at 883 waiting for the nortortious HAZARD to move thier ass here!

Alright, so long mates. Pictures will be up soon and i wil lblog about more later.....
So stay alive for now and awaits, for the lord had given order. BWA HA HA.

Daryl zhen mei li :)

Engel-Lied; 3:20 AM

Wednesday, May 21, 2008:Time to feel nostalgic.

Outside my class~ I never once had the chance to do this in school. LOL.
This is the heavenly stairs that led me to my sweet journey home veryday!
Never, NEVER do this in uniform sicne you would't be able to do it in the next 4 mths..
Pose looks abit wrong but still...IT'S MY CLASS.
Hey people, a very day that makes me feel very much older. Well, i went back to my school! (WRSS) Really people, time pass as if it's soemthing we should't treasure, and one of Satan's deadliest trick is to delude you, thinking time is still of the abundance. No people no. Gra bwhatever chance you have to fufill your heart. You won't regret if you lsiten, nope you won't.

So, i went back with Jing and Bi Shan thinking of collecting our testimonials(Oh My God i swear my would be a swear book rather then a testimonial. Or maybe a pertition to have me hung..) but their bad for not preparing it, neither preparing for our arrival! We took the school by storm within 30 minutes of our arrival and 20k people(young girls) asked for my number (huh?).

Well, not the case, some pictures! More with SJ, i'll get them as soon as possible yea? =D
Lastly, i'll upload a video took 2.3 years back. And cursed Leon should be the News-host with me! All he did was stare and laugh...-.-

Engel-Lied; 6:04 AM

Sunday, May 11, 2008:Let's get solemn..It's KHIM'S BIRTHDAY!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOTS!

Cut nuts cut nuts! Actually i've got a VERY ncie picture, but tommy lao shi half way block my view with his uber pawnage omg GG expensive digital cam..T_T
HOOOOOOOO~ Shyeng Ri Kuai Le.. i think it was leon holding. haha.
View from her place.. damn ncie..too bad my cam sucks =x. And it was raining. Damn romantic. CONNIE~
Ok. from left, Leon raping Shan Shan, Mireen and KHIM! The one that reveals only 1.3897650% of his face's Chun An.
Khim's birthday cakes...urm...nuts. By Fish and CO.
OMG! How prestigeous to capture a picture of this 2. Especially the on on the left. Ahhh~
She was like 'wo bu yao-ing~' All the way. Haha. Well, isn't it fun? ;)
More More More!

Fei hua bu duo shuo. IT'S KHIM'S BIRTHDAY! PEOPLE READING THIS BLOG WILL UDNERSTAND WHAT KHIM IS TO ME!!!!!!! HAHHAA! OU XIANG LO PLEASE!!! PERFECT GIRL SOMEMORE.(to me la, to me). Woooosa~ Alright, tag whatever you peeps want, don't worry, this isn't a blog she will view nor is this leon's tagbox. HAHA. So, IVON, DO IT!. LOL

ok too high. Pictures~(Omg. it's a dreams come true people..really.) Hey seriously, how ever the pictures got up there?! I want it DOWN! ARGH!
We went Fish and Co to celebrate her irthday jsut for the sake of wanting the crews to sing to her. HAHA. Very fun! Well, ZM in fish and CO. Funny right? ya la ya la i know =( Still, it's nice.
Then we kind of went to her place to celebrate her birthday after a series on events. ( Yes, the aclaimed Excuse me, your iced-latte tasted a bit...(wriggle your head) indian? ). And she was touched to tears, ABIT or nearly, by the appearence of what i heard 154. And they were comparing ABs with one another when leon realizes thta khim has perpendicular one. However she got that..... People wanting perpendicular abs pelase go to her. HAHA.
Alright, all in all, I wish these big girl a happy birthday. And may all blessings trail her whole life. May the evil lurking harms her not, and the negative falter her weakness and strengthen her will. Jia you! WOOOsa~

Engel-Lied; 10:07 AM



No posts you complain? Well, then get ready for a BIIIIIIIIIIIG one yea? Come in!

Alright, this post will dedicate to my RP class W25R! Not the wahckiest, but definitely interesting! Why? Cause EVERY wrong word(syllabus too) the tiny pea you called brain comes out with imperil your life! 'OMFG HOLY SHIT STOP BEING IDIOTIC HAHA RP PEOPLE ARE REEEEEEEEEEEEEEE-TARDS!'

I'll say fuck off! Wait till you come here, haha. I thought i was gonna be king, but i was only the advisor(Nothign far from nobelity!). Seriously, oh my god. RP-ians are smart!

1) Nicholas- Most versatile hair ever! Aritc always ready.

2)Tracy- I bet you shit in your pants after hearing her speak. Never forget the HE she holds!

3) Frances- A pinoy that kills the shit outta you if you look down on her. DAMN smart.

4)Adriel- Always there to help, and never understimate his thinking, it kills.

5)Luke- Besides having time dedicated to himself, his creative-ness pawns.


7)TunKeong-Don't play CS with this guy....

8)Jon-Besides getting sick easily, i don't find a problem with this guy AT ALL. SIllygirl...pui!

9)Sandy- Pretty girl. PRETTY i mean. Always do my PPT sldie for me! (im a retard in it).

10)Nabilah-Her disagreement always sets yo uthinking deeper. Cool.

11)XiaoHai-China hip hop rapper!!!!

12)DuWei- He got 13 original converse shoes. And he's from china. Beat that. China rapes.

13)YuQing- Never, make her angry. Never. The moment she talks..amen.

14)Lisa- Lisa onio?! Nay, the cutest girl! Very hardworking, and that's soemthing i salutes!

15)DEREK- Why caps him? HE IS LONG-GE. Why else?

16)Sylvia- Another petite mei nu. Erm..extremely co-operative and efficent..and..erm..HYMS?!

17)Cindy- Always ahead bu a step, don't know why. OI MY MOUSE LA!

18)Wa..so many people..FIFI- Oh yes. The moment italk to him i laugh. Seriously.

19)PeaJ- PJ, wo yao tu~ Damn cute this girl. HAHA. Capable too.VERY.

20)HanPin- Really tries his best. Can see the effort. JIAYOU. Hardworking> ALL.

21) Jeremy- Hao ren yi ge. Simple.

22)Jessica- Try coming to sch later please, makes me look earlier! HAHA! A very good girl to work with.!


Engel-Lied; 9:31 AM

Thursday, April 17, 2008:AFTER HEN JIU DE UPDATE.!

BACKED in schoool! HAHA. Alright. What was those again? Computing and maths, Cognitive, enteprising, basic science and CULTURAL and AESTHETICS. I made excellent presentations and always LED the group into victory! HAHA. I don't know, it' just in me, this PBL thing. HAHA!! And i got to know a couple of cool people(IN FACT MY WHOLE CLASS IS DAMN COOL! HAHA).

So besides flourishing in RP, i saw wayne, learnt things, and somehow got interested in JUDO. HAHA. im going for the trial! Damn excited! WOOTS! Pics next tiem guys, too tiredd. After i learn judo, i can slam people like wee king ben or daryl, kewl. hahaha. LATER MATES!

Engel-Lied; 7:14 AM

Thursday, April 3, 2008:Day with much to think.

Alright, i think i know how to play mahjong liao. THANKS TO SHAN QING AHAHAHAH!!!~~~!~! LOL, but the 13 yao and suddenly dun want 13 yao making me sick. LOL. Alright so i went JOZJ's place today with leon to play mahjong with che kiat, shan qing kim young wilson and of course, JOZJ herself la. Well, nothing much to complain besides leon impeding my march towards food. INSUFFERABLE ROGUE!

Ok main point bu hsi zhe ge la. It's that i did't meet up with connie. AHHHH HAO XIANG TA!! Ok, this is not so very zhong dian too. Zong dian is i went MS today! woot~ Wasn't planning on going but heard that sean vanessa n hweesan heading down!! Woots. Who can miss that? But jie guo only mailto:S€@%7C/ came. Woots cool sean right>? Ok then i had the chance to practice, but totally went hay wire and emo-ed for abit but suddenly remembered teacher said 'CHANG GE YAO YOU ENRGEY!!' then i decided to sing with more GUSTO and more energy and it works! Although many hours(3) passed. Well, i think my problem is >Focus too much on biao xian, >Let out too much air liao. GG. OK. Then went home with Ben and Sean. Will be uploading 2 pics of me and sean. Anyways, talked to khim for like 3mins jsut now. EUPHORICA!!~!@~!~! Ok la, time to get over the khim syndrome, i'll say. Aye people. I'll be back. Woosah.

Engel-Lied; 9:49 AM